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What Your Brows Say about You?

Brows tell the world who you are before you even speak a word. They convey a lot of information about a person: age, mood, and disposition…

Don’t believe brows communicate all that? Try this simple test: Look at any Disney character and observe that the “youthful/pretty/maiden” character is drawn with thick, lush and beautiful brows. She looks young and draws you in. Notice that the “evil/queen/step-monster” character has thin, arched brows. She looks scary and older. This is a great example of just how much brows express to the world.

Big, full brows are back + Jasmine wants to help you achieve them. I can help you get the best eyebrow shaping in Studio City and achieve a more youthful and pretty look.

Are your brows not as full as you would like? Try a brow growth serum. These peptide, vitamin and mineral solutions are ideal to helping you regrow brow hair. I have several different options available and am happy to point you in the right direction. In the meantime, I can teach you some tips and tricks to fill in your brows with brow makeup and help you give the illusion of thicker brows.

Brows a little unruly? Try brow waxing at my studio in Studio City. First I analyze the shape of your face, your eyes and comb through your brows to see what you are working with. I then carefully sculpt your brows using a very gentle French hard blue wax or a pain-free azulen wax to remove stray hairs. Determining the best shape for your brows, I strategically tweeze any remaining unwanted hairs that detract from the desired shape of your brows. With scissors, I trim the longer hairs and make your brows looked groomed while still keeping the fullness of them. Lastly, I fill in your brows with a soft brown or blonde, to give them a beautiful, full look.

Softening your face and framing them with gorgeous brows is my trademark service and I welcome you to come in for a complimentary consultation to see what the best solution is for you.