You go to get your brows done and afterwards it feels like you have a burn and it hurts. The following is a list of activities and things to avoid prior to getting any waxing.

This list includes but is not limited to:

  • Prescription blood thinners
  • Diabetic Ulcers
  • Sunburned Skin
  • Prescription Steroids
  • Psoriasis, eczema, or other chronic skin diseases
  • Rosacea and very sensitive skin
  • History of fever blisters or cold sores
  • Retinols
  • At home peels
  • Lactic, glycolic or salicylic acid
  • TCA peel
  • Various medications
  • Skin lighteners

After the skin lifting, it is advised to put Neosporin on it. Unfortunately the only thing that will heal it is time. Keep moisturizing it. No exfoliants. The over-layer of skin will grow back in a few days, so you’ll be able to apply makeup over it, but the redness will take a few weeks to fade entirely. It shouldn’t scar. And the redness is not a scar, so don’t use retinol or hydroxy products on it! Avoid direct sun, because waxing is the same as exfoliating (it is removing the dead skin) and can hyper pigment in the sun. So wear a hat, keep it moisturized and don’t worry. The likelihood of permanent scarring is rare.

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