Eyelash Extensions

Jasmine Brinton is a Master Lash Artist with over 10 years of experience with lashes and over 30 years in the beauty business. Jasmine can achieve a mascara look in less than 2 hours; a set of gorgeous lashes with maximum precision and speed, and is highly skilled in various advanced techniques such as color use and custom design. All lashes are applied with integrity and with protecting your natural lashes in mind. No damage will occur to your lashes if you follow good home care. 

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• NATURAL LOOK: up to 50 lashes (looks like light mascara – every few lashes are lashed),
• Price – $160
• Time – one hour + 30 minutes


• The most commonly booked set of lashes for the gal who wants an easy look that is not too much, but not too natural either. The get up and go look!
• Price – $185
• Time – one hour + 45 minutes


: all viable lashes are lashed (looks like two coats of mascara),
• Price – $225
• Time – allow for two hours
• *Loyalty pricing: $200



As your natural lashes shed, (we lose up to 5 lashes a day) the extensions that are attached will too. My Mini-fill is is my recommended regimen so your lashes will never become sparse.

• STRICTLY up to 7 days after your full lash set,
• Time – 30 minute service,
• Price – $45



With FILL #1, extensions are added to your natural lashes to replace those that have shed, so you can maintain a full look. FILL #1 is only available if at least half of your lashes remain from your last lash application done by my studio. 

• STRICTLY must be between 7-17 days (OR two and half weeks MAX) after our last lash appointment (DOES NOT INCLUDE OUTSIDE LASH STUDIO CLIENTS).
• Time – 45 – 60 minute service,
• Price – $70
•* Loyalty pricing  – $65


With Fills, new lash extensions are added to your natural lashes to replace those that have shed, so you can maintain a full look. Old ones are removed. Fills are available if at least 2/3 of the lashes remain from your last application with me. (For outside salon work that is needing a fill, please see below.)

• After 2 and a half weeks through 3 and a half weeks:
• Must have 2/3 lashes left,
• Time: one hour + 30 minutes (time may be less)
• Price: $75

• *Loyalty pricing – $70

After 4 weeks, a fresh set needs to be done. If you are a returning client, you quality for special loyalty pricing


To avoid damaging your lashes, Jasmine Skin Care + Lash Studio can quickly, safely and professionally dissolve the adhesive from your extensions and restore your lashes to their natural state.

20 minutes – $30 – $50 depends on time


~Any work not done by Jasmine Skin Care + Lash Studio must be personally evaluated to determine pricing of fills and removals. We reserve the right to deny working on anyone.

~Late arrivals cut into your lash time!

~Please note if you arrive with makeup on or dirty lashes, i.e. lashes that have not been cleaned properly (ask for pics of what this looks like), there is a $30 cleaning fee and it cuts into your lashing time. We can not stress enough how important it is to keep your lashes clean. Dirty lashes lead to infection and lash loss.

~Please come with NO fragrance on. Our Artists prefer a fragrance-free space.

~THERE IS NO YELP DISCOUNT ON LASHES. The check-in is for skin care only and not products or lashes.

~A credit card is necessary to hold any appointment that is longer than one hour. No charges will be made unless you no/show.



Jasmine Skin Care + Lash Studio values you and as a reward, once you have referred a paying client, or have had lashes applied more than 3 times, you qualify for the LOYALTY PROGRAM. This is a savings of $10-$20 per visit. Loyalty pays 🙂

Not sure what is right for you?

Come by for a complimentary consultation where I can determine the appropriate type of extension that will best suit your hair texture and desired look + lifestyle. I have tons of pictures of my work on my Facebook, Instagram and website gallery (coming soon!). BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

Notes & Recommendations

Jasmine Skin Care + Lash Studio is excited to announce her new salon in Valley Village at 5149 Whitest Av. Valley Village, CA. 91607. We use a medical-grade glue and high-quality, cruelty-free lashes.  We will always let you know what your cost is going to be upfront. Please be mindful if you are sick to reschedule your appointment. Thank you and look forward to giving you a gorgeous set of lashes!