About Jasmine

Jasmine Brinton, L.E.

I am beyond excited to announce my new location at 5149 Whitsett Ave. Valley Village, CA 91607

My store is my dream come true: my own little skin care + beauty haven!

I began in the beauty field as a makeup artist when I was 18 years old as a makeup artist for many years and realized that if the skin and brows don’t look good, nothing I did as an artist would make a difference. I really study the science behind what makes skin care works and how to “fix” certain skin care problems and I am happy to say that I am flourishing as a skin care therapist, lash artist and small business owner.

My love of beauty grew into my love of skin care as I learned that I love helping others. Something about helping people with their skin needs, working with my hands and being creative clicks with me.

The first part of my journey to becoming successful is my yoga practice. Yoga heals. I got my certificate to teach yoga and it was a powerful motivator for me to keep following my heart.

I found this little space in Valley Village, wrote a hand-written letter to the former owner, it is now in new hands, and they were gracious enough to let me build my business here. I am very proud of the renovation I did on this former Beauty Parlor; everything from new flooring (hand-scraped grey laminate to my hydrangea and grey walls, to the ceilings, and chandelier…) Come see it, it is really beautiful.

Annnnnnd, I believe in women helping women, especially in business. We have a referral and networking area so if you are a woman in business that would like to support another woman in business, bring your business cards and I will put them in my networking area.

Check out our specials and loyalty program page on my website: www.jazskin.com and thank you for reading my story. Hope to see you soon!

Yours in clear + glowing skin,

Jasmine Brinton, L.E., B.A.