About Jasmine


Jasmine Brinton, L.E.

Welcome to my skin care shop located at 5149 Whitsett Ave. Valley Village, CA 91607

I began in the beauty industry when I was 18 years old as a makeup artist and realized that if the skin and brows don’t look good, nothing does. This realization inspired a lifelong love of the science and chemistry as it pertains to skin care. Fueled by an equally passionate love of makeup, photography, film, modeling, and art, I devoted most of my life to creating beauty.

As for skin care, I specialize in acne solutions, sensitive skin and anti-aging facials and products. Skin is a dynamic organ that works hard to protect us and is constantly battling free radicals, dirt, bacteria, gravity and time. It’s my job to educate and assist my clients with the most up-to-date and efficient solutions and tools so they can have a customized routine that addresses hormonal health and lifestyle choices. I am basically obsessed with learning about skin care and believe in educating my clients so they can enjoy the results. Many of my clients have been with me for many years and together we keep re-designing their skin care routine to address specific concerns; i. e., fine lines, enlarged pores or uneven skin tone.

And nothing compliments a beautiful face more than face-framing brows and lashes. I am a lash enthusiast! I have been wearing lashes for over ten years because I like to keep my own routine as simple as possible. Essentially, with consistent good home and professional care of my skin, all I need every morning (besides massive amounts of coffee), is a little BB cream, gloss and I’m out the door. I have been doing lashes, both extensions and lash lifts for over a decade now and both my clients and I love them!

A few years ago, I was moved to open my own shop and it is the physical culmination of my passion for beauty and helping others to achieve it. With thought to the environment and animals, we are a cruelty-free and green studio. My shop is a little haven with hand-scraped grey bamboo floors, re-purposed flea market furniture, lavender walls and a gorgeous crystal chandelier that accentuates this peaceful and soothing environment. Sometimes, there is a sweet little doggy here too.

Filled with many of my favorite skin care and beauty solutions, I’ve done my best to create a quiet respite where clients can come, relax and have fun. I celebrate diversity and work with men, women and teens of all backgrounds and all colors of the rainbow. I designed my business around that concept that no-one should have to suffer a salesperson or shop owner with an attitude and I strive to keep in mind that clients “may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you make them feel.”

Another critical aspect of my work is educating my clients on proper skin care with easy, affordable solutions. I am the OG skin care OCD gal who does massive amount of education, reading and learning so I can distill it down to fun, easy pieces of information that my clients can benefit from. I live to educate and spread my love of skin care.

I believe in incorporating both traditional Western approaches to skin care and utilizing my training as a yoga instructor and knowledge of Eastern tricks and tips to create a holistic skin care ritual, both in and out of my shop.

Check out our Instagram: sayhitojasmine and thank you for reading my story. Hope to see you soon!

Yours in clear + glowing skin,

Jasmine Brinton, L.E., B.A.